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About us

Heads Up Foundation Inc is a non-profit organization serving the community. Our Mission is to offer help to those less fortunate acquire the essential qualities of life.


Heads Up Foundation Inc. consists of volunteers and professional from the community dedicated to enhancing the abilities of our at risk youth. All funds are provided through donations, local fundraisers and grants.

our team:
Subrina Miller

Executive Director

Jeff Barber

Vice President

Terry Nicholson

Public Relations

Tamara Mathis

Public Relations/ Ballroom Coordinator

Nichelle Farrow


Brenda Bell

Toy Drive Coordinator/ Secretary

Wendy Soto-Godinez

Social Media Specialist

Jessica Barber

Team Member

Eva Peñuelas

Social Media/Public Relations

Lily Banuelos


Event Director

Jasmine Miller

Event Greeter

Stefany Davis

Web Designer

Naydea Davis-Miller

Media Director

Odest Riley

Team Member

Jermaine Middleton

Event Greeter

Team Member

 Board Members:


           1.  Dori Bailey: Public Relations

           2. Anita Fredieu: Secretary & Raffle Coordinator

           3. Jackii Lawrence: Event & Vendor Coordinator

           4. Angelina Sanchez: Receptionist

           5. Jeanette Kidd: Sponsorship Coordinator

           6. Mario Sanchez: Technology and Media Manager

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